What is Beyond Flipped?

‘practice that creates learning through active participation and skills development through the curation of educational experiences in a technology rich learning environment’.

Beyond Flipped is an approach that utilises the benefits of learning technologies and places an emphasis on student participation and the learning process. Within this approach there is a wide range of potential ways in which the flipped approach might be interpreted. How it is interpreted will be impacted upon by a wide range of factors, (such as student level, professional requirements, staff experience); however any implementation of the flipped approach must be looking to enhance student participation, the learning process and staff-student interaction.


L·E·A·R·N is an educational design framework used as a tool to help flip learning experiences.


LEGO may be used to encourage active learning and deep self and peer reflection.


SPRINT is a rapid curriculum design method focused on innovation and student experience.


Mega Project provides a cross disciplinary platform for learning and skills development.

Why Beyond Flipped?

Increase Participation

Increase Efficiency

Utilise Technology

Enhance Employability

Encourage Debate

Embrace Innovation

Coventry University is forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education. The University consistently strives to ensure high quality teaching is a cornerstone of the University experience. Beyond Flipped Learning is one method employed to ensure dynamic, responsive teaching and learning which is instrumental for creating the graduates of tomorrow.
Through carefully curated educational experiences which maximise the best of face-to-face and online teaching methods, flipped learning provides a rich educational environment that challenges students to explore new concepts and develop innovative solutions to a range of problems.
Flipped learning should practice the application of knowledge to real-world issues and simulated scenarios, supporting the development of capable, adaptable, and curious graduates with the skills needed to thrive and succeed upon completion of their studies.