A mega project is commonly defined as a project whose budget surpasses $1bn. MEGA PROJECT: Mars Colony will be a notional mega project focused on the colonisation mission to Mars, with the aim being provision of a framework for multiple dissertations across faculties, disciplines and topics, through the use of a unifying theme, realised as a mega project.
This will entail the involvement of multiple faculties when planning and promoting, in order to gain maximum traction and impact across the university, and this will be helped by the thorough value proposition of being able to improve the efficiency of students finding their dissertation concepts sooner and having a support network within of the MEGA PROJECT. The sustainability of the MP: Mars Colony will also be ensured by the integration of any outputs from students using the MEGA PROJECT framework, in that any iterations of a MEGA PROJECT will be able to draw upon previous iterations for inspiration and information resources.
MP: Mars Colony will therefore umbrella many projects, all of which will need to be planned and executed to a standard commensurate with the discipline of participatory students. To this end, faculty staff will assist in the planning of certain aspects of the project and familiarise themselves with the Martian colonisation concept through supporting documentation currently under development.