An Exercise in Learning Design

What is L·E·A·R·N?

The L·E·A·R·N framework has been developed by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) to aid in adoption of Beyond Flipped learning methods. L·E·A·R·N comprises of five elements, each designed to get participants considering different approaches from the traditional lecture-seminar-homework teaching style. Employing the framework allows for a more dynamic and innovative approach to teaching and learning, focusing on five key stages of the process.
The L·E·A·R·N methodology may be employed to facilitate existing learning outcomes in new and interesting ways. Through implementation of the card deck, innovative exploration of the ascribed problem domain may be undertaken in order to create flipped solutions cognisant with deep learning inside a Self-Organised Learning Environment (SOLE).


Choose a short question for exploration

Explore problem domain through any appropriate means within the physical or hyper space.


Identify credible sources of information

Curate information to formulate academically rigorous argument.


Present findings to peers for discussion and analysis

Debate different points of view to gain a deep understanding of problem domain. In other words, this means getting students to PRESENT their understanding.


Amalgamate disparate ideas

Consolidate information into a balanced understanding of initial topic and resultant arguments.


Turn information into knowledge for future utilisation

Create links between new knowledge garnered through this exercise with previous endeavours.

Tools and Resources

A Guide to using L·E·A·R·N

Download the guide to L·E·A·R·N! Simply load it on your mobile device, or print it out, and off you go!

Print Your Own Deck

Download the asset pack to create your own custom deck, inspired by the L·E·A·R·N framework.

Utilise the

The play mat can be used to help develop sessions or modules. Play the cards onto the mat, and add notes to develop your ideas.

Order Your Own Deck!

To order a deck of cards email us at dmll@coventry.ac.uk and a member of the Innovation and Community team will be in touch.