LEGO Bento


LEGO Bento facilitates participatory learning through small team interactions based-upon the LEGO-A-GO-GO methodology.

To this end, metaphorical models are constructed, and associated narratives formulated, to create a story that is both illustrative and nuanced, in order to provide an interactive learning experience.
Participants will benefit from a collective learning experience that combines creativity with pre-defined intended learning outcomes to facilitate flipped activity, regardless of discipline or topic.
LEGO Bento training sessions run for approximately 4 hours. For details on upcoming sessions please visit:




Session agenda:

  • Getting to know one your fellow participants
  • Introduction what is LEGO Serious Play and how can it be delivered through LEGO-A-GO-GO?
  • Overview: The power of 3D modelling
  • Ideal graduate modelling what should compose a successful graduate?
  • Ideal graduate narrative detailed explanation of model and underlying metaphors
  • LSP theory fundamentals of the methodology and its application within Business context
  • BREAK: Informal chat as to individuals’ LEGO-A-GO-GO deployment expectations
  • MID: ILO modelling individualised module based on discipline-specific ILO
  • MID: ILO narrative detailed explanation of model and underlying metaphors for discipline-specific ILO
  • MID: ILO model compilation model placement and locale based upon common themes and metaphors
  • MID: ILO connections link models together to produce a continuum of learning
  • MID: ILO narrative open discussion as to the supermodel and its implications for learning

Interested in attending a session?

If you are a Coventry University staff member interested in attending a training session, please visit the organisational development portal and search for LEGO.

(Alternatively, you can visit the DMLL web site event section for details on upcoming sessions).

If you are external to Coventry University, but would like to take part in a LEGO Bento training session, please contact