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What is SPRINT?

The CU SPRINT is a Higher Education focused version of the Google Ventures Sprint. Designed by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, the Google Ventures Sprint is used by companies and organisation across the globe to rapidly solve problems and develop products. The Google Ventures Sprint has been used to develop products such as Slack, Medium and Nest amongst others.
The CU SPRINT is designed to allow course teams the time, space, and resource to radicaly reconsider their offering starting backwards from the ideal graduate/customer. The CU SPRINT, in it’s fullest form, takes place over five solid days, and should provide completed course documentation, a prototype design, and stakeholder feedback by the end of the process.

What Is It For?

The CU SPRINT is designed for rapid prototyping of innovative new approaches, ideas, and course designs. It has been used to design courses in the Humanities, Languages, Health, and Business but is entirely discipline and problem agnostic. It is a design thinking approach to problem solving and rapid development.

How Long Does It Take?

The CU SPRINT in its fullest form takes five days. Alternative variations can last between one and four days depending on the complexity of the problem explored.


The full CU SPRINT can be used to develop new and existing Higher Education degree courses over a solid four day period. Utilising design thinking principles, it saves time and increases quality. 


The micro SPRINT is a compressed version of the full CU SPRINT. It can be used to rapidly explore problems, develop modules, or prototype smaller ideas that don’t require the full four days.

SPRINT Activities

If you don’t have the time, or if your issue doesn’t require the SPRINT process, you can still borrow from the activities used to help rapidly prototype ideas and collectively solve problems.