What is the Five Day SPRINT?

The Five Day CU SPRINT is a Higher Education focused version of the Google Ventures Sprint. Designed by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, the Google Ventures Sprint is used by companies and organisation across the globe to rapidly solve problems and develop products.
The Five Day SPRINT is designed to improve the time between course design and time-to-market through a design thinking approach to Higher Education courses.
The Five Day CU SPRINT is designed to allow course teams the time, space, and resource to radically reconsider their course offering starting backwards from the ideal graduate. It takes place over five solid days, and should provide completed course documentation, a prototype design, and stakeholder feedback by the end of the process.

Discover how SPRINT can work for you!

If you’re thinking of using a CU SPRINT to solve a problem or develop a new product and need some support then you can get in touch with the Disruptive Media Learning Lab team.
Email: dmll@coventry.ac.uk
Call: 02477 659495