Carl Reidsema

Carl Reidsema

Associate Professor, University of Queensland, AU
Lydia Kavanagh

Lydia Kavanagh

Associate Professor, University of Queensland, AU



Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Lanchester Library, Coventry University


Workshop: How to Flip a Classroom and Land on Your Feet

July 7 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Coventry University’s Academic Development team partnered with the DMLL will be hosting Carl Reidsema and Lydia Kavanagh, Associate Professors from University of Queensland, who invite you to come and share your questions and your expertise at this interactive ‘flipped’ workshop.

This workshop would benefit:  

All staff interested in flipped learning approaches; Academic Staff, Learning Technologists, Librarians

The aims of the flipped workshop are to:

  • Explore the variety of understandings of and approaches to flipping the classroom – let’s demystify the pedagogy
  • Use a systems approach to collaboratively design a flipped class instance – learn about flipped classrooms by being part of one
  • Start to build a library of tools and resources to support flipped classrooms 
  • Connect with others interested in this field – begin a community of practice 

Whether you have already started flipping your classroom, are beginning to plan for such a move or just want to know what its all about, we think that you will gain something from this workshop.

In the spirit of the flipped approach there will be a small amount of preparatory work which will be sent to you approx one week prior to the 7th July.

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