The Beyond Flipped SPRINT is a delivery model for solving problems within a constrained time frame. It is designed to provide solutions to solve important problems within a 5-day development timeframe.

The compressed nature of the Beyond Flipped SPRINT encourages rapid solution generation, that allows for tangible prototyping within a self-contained, time-bound exercise.

Rather than peppering your development sessions across a series of weeks, at the mercy of ever-changing calendar events, the SPRINT is designed to consolidate development time, therefor preventing a loss of pace, and dilution of ideas, that inevitably occurs when development is stretched across a prolonged timeframe.

Utilising the Google Ventures Sprint process as a foundation, we set to work in creating a bespoke solution, tailor made to developing innovative course designs within a higher education institution. Which, in our case, was Coventry University.

This bespoke solution comes in three flavours:

  • Sprint 5-day rapid design of face-to-face courses
  • Online Sprint 3-day rapid design of online courses
  • µSprint 1-day for

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